Baltimore, Maryland Law Firm Focusing on Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Probate

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Whether you require an experienced estate-planning attorney to draft a will or you need assistance understanding the probate process, feel comfortable when you turn to us.
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At the Law Office of Alan F. Deanehan LLC., we understand that each of our clients are unique, each with their own special needs and requirements. Please Contact us to schedule your appointment to discuss your estate planning, elder law, and estate administration needs today..
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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Evening & Weekend Hours by Appointment
We Travel to Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Those Confined to Home

The Historic Rotunda

Who We Are

The Law Office of Alan F. Deanehan, LLC focuses its practice on Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Estate Administration. Centrally located in Baltimore’s historic building The Rotunda, we represent seniors, families and friends of seniors, and individuals of any age who have issues and concerns about asset protection, asset management, level of care, financial decisions, medical decisions and real estate transactions.

We assist the client to address difficult choices and navigate among complicated rules, regulations, statutes, and legal concepts. The Law Office of Alan F. Deanehan, LLC serves as the client’s guide and advocate to establish a strategy crafted to meet the client’s individual need. Whether the goal is to create basic estate planning documents like a last will and testament, power of attorney, or trust, to qualify for long term care, or to assist an estate conduct a complex probate, we are committed to providing our clients with personal and comprehensive representation.

Legal Services include: Elder Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Guardianships, Trusts, Advance Medical Directives, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Asset Protection, Estate Administration, Nursing Home Planning, Health Care Decisions, Living Wills, Real Estate Transactions, Fiduciary Administration, Retirement Community Contracts, Medicaid Planning


In the same suite of offices are located the separate practices of a financial planner and a certified public accountant, providing a convenient and comprehensive team approach for clients when needed.

Sanford L. Block & Associates P.A., Certified Public Accountants, focuses on estate planning, small business planning, income tax returns and estate tax returns.

Janis J. Hofsass, financial planner with the National Planning Corporation, focuses on investment planning, securities and estate administration.