Estate Administration / Probate

The time and attention to detail that must be devoted to probating the estate of a decedent can be daunting.  Among other things, probate involves determining what claims against an estate are valid claims, determining whether claims are timely filed, paying the creditors of a decedent, locating assets of a decedent, ensuring that the assets of a decedent are safe and secure, preparing and maintaining assets, such as real estate for sale, selling or liquidating assets where needed, and dealing with heirs and legatees.

 We provide probate administration services to our clients.  The probate administration process includes not only preparing the paperwork and securing the appointment of a Personal Representative (executor), valuation of estate assets, payment to creditors prior to estate distribution, payment of taxes, but also preparation of accountings to the Register of Wills for the approval of the Orphans Court, and distribution of the estate assets.